Wordle has arrived on the scene amidst a barrage of incredulous hype. If, like everyone else, you're addicted to the word game, you might wonder how you can improve your Wordle score.

There are several strategies you can employ to get a better score and achieve a consistent run of successful puzzle solving. Some might be more obvious than others, but use these hints and tips, and you'll be reigning Wordle champ in no time...

1. Don't Try to Guess the Word on Your First Turn

To successfully solve a Wordle puzzle, you need to employ a strategy. Don't just go in all guns blazing without considering your options first. Logic should be your go-to when you play a game of Wordle.

There are thousands of potential solutions to Wordle, so the likelihood that you'll guess it is slim to none. Instead, treat your first word as a sacrificial word; this is the first step in your strategy to beat Wordle with a better score, as you're not wasting your first turn.

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With the above in mind, the best option when selecting your first sacrificial word is to select one with popular letters in it. Personally, this writer uses TEARS as his first turn. You don't have to use this, though.

This tactic either eliminates or confirms five of the most popular letters in the English language, so it represents an excellent strategy to beat a trial-and-error word game. If you want a high score on Wordle, get those more statistically likely letters out of the way.


3. Use the Same First Word for Every Wordle Game

Now you know to not guess the first word randomly and to eliminate or confirm the statistically likely letters, then you should always use that same first word on your first turn.

It makes sense to do this for the reasons given above. Using a sacrificial word with more popular letters, every time, translates to you giving yourself the best chance to solve the Wordle puzzle, every time, and potentially in fewer turns.

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4. Take Time With Your Turns

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So you've got your first word sorted. What do you do after that? Nothing. At least not for a few minutes. Don't forget, you've got 24 hours to find the successful solution, so pause for thought while you consider your next strategic step.

Consider what letters you have remaining to guess. Are there any words that jump out to you straight away, using successfully guessed/placed letters and those you are yet to eliminate?

Narrow your options down mentally before committing to your second turn; you have plenty of time to spend on agonizing over those letters!

5. Don't Be Afraid to Use the Same Letter Twice

BANAL and ABBEY are both examples of recent Wordle solutions. As you can see, they contain an example of the same letter appearing twice. So, just because you have one green A in your solution doesn't mean there won't be another one.

When you are going through potential solutions in your head, don't forget that your green (or yellow) letter tile may well replicate elsewhere in the solution with the same letter, so factor this into your mental alphabet aerobics.

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Yes, we said about using statistically popular letters during your first turn (or first couple of turns if you employ the same strategy for your second go as well), but don't forget the less statistically popular letters, either.

You know them, the likes of Q, Z, and X, which everyone groans about when they fish them out of a Scrabble tile bag. If you are running low on potential likely letter/word options, don't gloss over words containing these awkward letters; QUERY was a recent solution that uses a less popular letter.

7. Use the Clues From Previous Words in the Puzzle

If you have guessed with TEARS and got a green T and A, then it goes without saying that you would use the T and A in the same place for your next guess. However, if you don't already do this, then you should start.

It isn't as cut and dry as you might think. If you can't think of a word beginning with T, with A as the third letter, then you might guess with a completely different word to score some extra letters. Always use the clues from your previous guesswork in that puzzle. You'll eliminate more potential solutions, and you'll do it faster.

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8. Remember Wordle Uses US Spellings!

Correct. To an American reader, this won't matter, but for those who don't use US English, remembering that Wordle uses US spellings could make the difference between a broken or continued streak of successful solving.

This bamboozled literally every British English speller across the globe recently, when—shock-horror—Wordle used FAVOR as a solution to one of its puzzles, wiping out continuous runs worldwide in one fell swoop.

9. Just Cheat

Scrabble letters in a unorderly manner.

If you can't think of a word that suits your remaining letters, green tiles, and yellow tiles, and your perfect run is that important to you, then you could just... cheat!

That's right, there is nothing stopping you from using a word-finder website or whatever to find potential words, and therefore potential letters to guess with. Nobody is going to know, you sneak!

However, the satisfaction from any form of gaming comes when you actually beat the game with your own wits, so at least try to do it yourself first before you resort to massaging your run of successful solves.

10. Practice With Other Word Games

As they say, practice makes perfect. There are loads of Wordle copycats popping up that allow you to play as many games as you want. Plus, there are lots of other word games out there that you can play, all of which will bolster your vocabulary.

OK, so it might not help you guess quicker, at least not directly, but the more five-letter words you know, the more you have in your arsenal for crunching through potential solutions in your head.

Now You Can Get a Better Score on Wordle (Hopefully)

The trick is accepting you're not going to guess the first word outright and then going from there. Like we say, you can always cheat, as long as you can live with your fibbing. However, word games like this are there to challenge you, and Wordle certainly fulfills that description.

So, keep Wordling, and check out other Wordle-style games for that all-important practice!

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