From time to time, Instagram falls victim to bugs, disrupting the user experience when you're trying to interact with your friends and followers. The malfunctioning app can sometimes be a headache, with issues ranging from delayed direct messages to errors while uploading pictures. However, Instagram has developed an interesting solution–the Rage Shake.

Announcing Instagram's Rage Shake Feature

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, disclosed the launch of a new hidden gem through a Twitter announcement. Instagram developers understand that it's natural for users to feel annoyed when the social media app does not work like it's supposed to. And when the users are left enraged, the aptly named Rage Shake feature comes into play.

When a relentless bug hinders your Instagram scrolling, channel that frustration through the Rage Shake feature and report the error. Before you get all excited, we'd like to quickly point out that this feature is only available to users in the United States for now.

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How Does Rage Shake Work?

The new shake to report feature isn't exclusive to Instagram as others apps like Google Maps, Snapchat, and Facebook offer similar feedback options to their users, which more or less work the same way. Rage Shake works on both iOS and Android versions of the app.

Whenever you come across issues like a bug that causes it to lag or behave atypically, have trouble uploading posts or stories oneself, or problem opening others' stories, just shake your phone, and you'll get a pop-up on your screen. Then, tap on Report a Problem and type your complaint.

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However, if you want to prevent the shaking gesture from accidentally activating the feedback dialog, for example, while traveling on a bumpy road, simply toggle this feature off when you get the pop-up.

Is Rage Shake a Win?

Instagram's Rage Shake feature enables instant error reporting, saving time and effort to navigate through the settings menu and look for the report option. It's quick and convenient for users and brings critical issues to the team's notice.

According to Mosseri, Rage Shake will assist the developers in prioritizing bugs and other glitches that need fixing immediately. In turn, this will positively impact the user experience. Alongside Rage Shake, Instagram also introduced a new Finally feature that lets users delete a single image from a carousel.

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