Humans are creatures of habit. We follow the same patterns each day until they become so automatic that we do them without much mental energy.

Since habits take time to develop, kicking off new habits can be challenging—especially when they're contrary to what you're used to.

But since habits are powerful, we use our will along with hacks and strategies so that our new habits would stick. One such strategy is by doing it with friends. Here's why you should involve your friends and how HabitShare can help.

Why Start a Habit With Friends?

Habits are patterns of behavior that are embedded very deeply in our brains. They consist of a three-part loop: cue, routine, and reward. Rewards reinforce the behavior, making it more likely to repeat the desired behavior.

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Your friends come in at the reward part. As social animals, we all crave social interaction. This means that spending time with friends is often rewarding to us. That being said, starting and keeping a habit with friends can be powerful because they can deeply motivate you. Say, having fun chats while jogging or the excitement of planning healthy meals together.

How Can HabitShare Help You Build Your Habit

The good thing is that technology is on your side on your quest to build healthier habits or unlearn old ones. Many habit-tracking apps can keep you focused and pumped, but only a few allow you to share your journey with friends.


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HabitShare is a free social habit-tracking app that allows you to share your habit tracker with your friends so they can become your accountability partners and help you stay on track. They can also share their tracker with you, making it an ideal tool for shared goal setting.

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However, you can also track your progress on your own and keep all your habits in private.

HabitShare Features

It has several features that set it apart from other habit-tracking apps.

Ease of Use

Beginning a new habit can be a struggle initially. A habit tracker should not make it harder for you to record and track your progress. HabitShare has an easy-to-use, clean, and intuitive interface that shows you everything you want to know, like your weekly and monthly streaks.

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Not all habits are the same; some are good to be established daily, like hygiene and self-care, while you can do leisure activities once or twice a week.

HabitShare allows you to create customized habits according to your preferences. You can set goals daily, weekly, or on specific days.

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HabitShare is social at the core. Thus, it's not surprising that the app allows you to send messages to friends—that is, your friends who also have the app—so that you can motivate each other to continue hitting streaks.

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You have complete control over the habits you share with your friends and who specifically can access what. For example, you can share your goal of walking your dog daily with your family but not with your friends. On the other hand, you may just want a few friends to know how you've been building streaks on skipping smoking.

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To ensure that you won't forget, you can also make the app remind you of your new habits so that you don't unnecessarily skip them. You can set as many reminders as you want per habit.

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Aside from a weekly and monthly view of how you're doing, you can also get a better visualization of your progress through the app's Charts feature. The feature shows both your weekly and monthly streak, so you can instantly see where you are in your habit-forming journey.

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Download: HabitShare for iOS | Android (Free)

Accomplish Goals Together With HabitShare

Working through shared goals, or even just knowing that someone is keeping your progress in check, is often enough to keep us going. Use HabitShare to create new habits and utilize the power of friendship to achieve your goals. And if sharing goals isn't your top priority, you can even check out other apps that will let you track and build your habits.

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How to Track and Build Your Habits Using Habitify

Developing new habits takes more than just effort. Habitify makes building habits easy thanks to its robust features.

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